New Visual Studio Code Extension – Markdown Links

Markdown Reference Links in Visual Studio Code

This VS Code extension let’s you find a reference link already in the file being edited. Many times a second link to a URL is needed you linked to earlier in the document.

How it works:

  1. Scan the document and collect all the reference links in it
  2. Present the list of links, allows you to choose the one you want
  3. Add the Markdown code that refers to the chosen link

In Action

Two ways to get to make this work. First , select the text you want to become the link. Then:

  • Open the palette, find the extension and press enter.
    • Press F1, type xref, press Enter
  • Or: Press ctrl+shift+L


VS Code Gallery

The extension is up on the gallery. In VS Code, press F1, type ext install press Enter. This gets a list of extensions, then type xref to search for this markdown one. From there you can install it.

Thanks to this post for a great idea to make editing even simpler More Markdown reference links in BBEdit

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